Production of «Russian Speech» combines rich traditions, modern equipment, innovative technology and strong quality control system.

It allows to create perfect vodka, which matches the highest standard.

For the preparation of «Russian Speech» they use only grain alcohol, the quality of which is at the special attention: alcohol is estimated by special taste panel.

Water is extracted from own artesian well which is 310 meters deep. The water has outstanding qualities and excellent taste. In addition, water goes through special preparations including three steps of various levels clearing.

Composition of the blend «Russian Speech» includes selected natural ingredients and flavours, which are made by blenders before starting the vodka production.

Only natural sugar is used in blend: beet sugar and maltose. It gives a special velvety taste of strong beverage.

The experience and professionalism of masters of blending are the guarantee to invariable accuracy of «Russian Speech» flavoring composition.

Mix of alcohol and water is cleared during three hours by milk, that absorbs all contaminants and harmful materials, which are being removed together with milk during subsequent double filtration: first on the filter-press, then through a carbon cleaning battery.

The purified water-alcohol solution infuses for a more organoleptic faceting. Then, natural supplements and infusions are added, finishing flavoring composition of «Russian Speech». Then the composition is thoroughly mixed after the introduction of each ingredient. If necessary, it is corrected and sent to the bottling with a mandatory control filtration.

"Russian Speech" passes strict control on compliance with state standards and estimates by taste panel and exrerts of accredited testing laboratory. Production laboratory is equipped with all necessary modern equipment to perform the most strong control.

Experts of experimental laboratory timely introduces new technologies for processing, filtering and quality control of vodka. For that purpose they organize the constant analysis of the alcohol market.

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